Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Deleting the naughty...with steadfast will

This hot mess is real life, people.

Peanut refuses to clean her room. At six ( and a half, mind you) I believe she is fully capable of cleaning her own room. Every special thing has a place, a home. And for the things that have no home, there is a home made of a cardboard box.

It's been months. Her will is as strong as mine. She has spent almost every day of the last 3 weeks up in her room to clean with no progress. I have refused to go in. I do not help her find clothes to wear in the morning. I do not pick up her dirty laundry off the floor, so her laundry has not been done. We've removed things with trash bags. We don't cross the threshold to tuck her in anymore.

Now, I know I open myself up to a lot of criticism by stating the obvious - her room is a freaking pig sty. Some have said they wouldn't be able to handle walking past that mess day after day and would clean it.  Sure, I've done that, but it doesn't solve the problem of it returning to this state within a week. Others have said she's too young to handle cleaning her own room. Don't buy it. She picks up at school and everywhere else. I am sure some are thinking I'm a terrible mother for leaving it that way. I don't think I am. I think it is ok for a child to learn how to take care of their own things. That being said, with attempts at discipline such as losing toys to garbage, no laundry, no tucks, grounding...nothing works. Nothing worked. Until late last week.

I made time to go explore the local H&M to find some summer dresses for myself and walked out with three for the girl instead. When she got home from school on Friday she put one on, and wore one for the rest of the weekend. My husband was enamored with her cuteness and during church mentioned I should get her some more dresses.  What? Buy her more stuff?  "What can I say, my little girl looks pretty cute in dresses," he says.

Little ding dings went off in my brain.  She does look pretty cute, and she knows it. She really likes her dresses. I will buy more, since they were buy two get one free...leverage.

Who knew her weakness would be cute dresses...we've made progress. Like, real progress. So's ok.  You don't have to clean their rooms for them. Eventually you figure out what makes them tick, what's important, and they do it. It just takes more willpower than them, than what you think you have. Delete the naughty with a steadfast will, friends.

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