Monday, October 22, 2012

Deleting the naughty…with Beauty Box 5 October

I got my first Beauty Box 5 in the mail! I could just pee my pants. Well, no, not actually, but it helps you get the feel of my anticipation.

Price: $12/month, no s/h, cancel anytime, other subscription packages available: quarterly, yearly

Signing up was simple and their FAQ is extremely helpful. If you like the product and want to buy a full size, they have links to the websites of the brands featured. I was sent a welcome email at the beginning of October, and I must have made the month's deadline as I was able to receive the October box.

I got the shipment notification on a Monday and it arrived in my mailbox on Friday. I was expecting 2-3 days, but getting it on Friday was a fun start to my weekend.

My first impression upon opening the box was: Wahoo! It's here. I must open now!  The second impression: The items inside were smaller than I thought they would be. Not a bad thing, just other reviews I've read made it seem like things would be bigger...or something. Or it is quite possible I built it up in mind. Have you ever gotten one of the Target Beauty Bags in the mail? The samples are smaller than those, but at first glance are also higher end. So to that is what it is, and I knew upfront that people feel some boxes are wow and others are not.

Here are the contents and I will add my thoughts as I try them:

Margania Pure Argan Oil (brown vial upper left):
I just used up the last of my Boots No. 7 serum, so this came at the perfect time. The card describes this product as having naturally high levels of vitamin e and fatty acids. Labeled a "Miracle Oil", it is perfect for healing skin ailments and protecting against premature aging.  I plan to use it around my eyes and on my chest area where I see the most wrinkles, and mix a drop with my hand lotion, where age is seen too.
My recommendation: use at night. I used the first morning, and it felt a little greasy and gave my face a sheen, which is a big duh, it is an oil. But I am going to use it consistently at night and let's hope it helps get rid of some of these 40 year old wrinkles.

City Lips Lip Plumper:
Not a regular lipstick wearer, but I a willing to give this a try. The lip plumper is supposed to have antioxidant properties and moisturizer. You apply and are supposed to have plumper lips instantly.

ShowStoppers Fashion Tape
I probably won't get to these until February.  I have an event that I'm wearing a low back dress, and might be able to use these to hide my bra back by attaching it to my dress...we shall see.

Goat Haus Dairy Lip Balm:
This was the first thing I tried, my lips were dry and it was sitting next to me. It is normal lip balm sized, a  It is very soft, so I anticipate if you keep this in your pants or jeans pocket it will melt. The balm is white, goes on clear and has no real odor to it, just a light, sugar cookie-ish scent. There is no offensive flavor or aftertaste either. Very clean and pure. Then I reread the label and it is indeed called "Sugar Kisses". I've had it on for about an hour now and it still feels kind of oily on my lips, but I am assuming that it is working and moisturizing. I will use this through the weekend and see if the dryness and chapping is alleviated, doing a 5k tomorrow, so we can try it out in outdoor conditions!

Furlesse Elevens:
These are patches you put on your frown lines to reduce them in a natural way. You put them on your frown lines in between your eyes after you've washed your face for the night and go to bed, using nightly for best results. I have one deep, long frown line right in the middle and it gets deeper with every year. I don't know that anything could erase the grand canyon there. The sample size received was enough for 3 nights. I put it on and was a little awkward at it.  I had a hard time smoothing my forehead and applying it at the same time, but I figured it out.  Was my frown line smoother? Possibly.  I did, however, wake up with some new lines, on the edges of the patches where my skin sagged back down, ha ha! So, I am thinking the only way these are going to help me is if they have a large mask one for my entire face.  I will do this two more times to use the whole sample and give it a fair shake.  Oh, it worked good for eyebrow removal...I accidentally put it over a part of my eyebrow. No plucking! LOL!!

Lash Card Lash Cards:
I don't really wear mascara, though I should. As I have no mascara skills I think these will come in handy if I was applying heavier coats for a night out on the town. But for daily application of just one coat, I don't know that I would use it. The sample size received was 2 separately packaged cards. On side has a cut out and is labeled small curve and the other side is for large curve. You use on card per mascara application .

NuMe $100 Gift Certificate for Styling Tools/Extensions 

Closing thoughts: It was alright. I expected more of a wow factor at first, but I do like the idea of the Argan oil, and I always use lip balms.  I will definitely be using the tape for that event, and the plumper I will give a try on some date nights with my hubby.  But, the lash cards are a waste on me, as well as the elevens, I think. It just made me look more wrinkly in other places.  Will continue on for some more months to see what else is in store!

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