Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Deleting the naughty...with Yuzen Box October

Woohoo!! The arrival of my first Yuzen box. I have been anticipating this one the most. It costs a little more but it promises an experience. "A little zen every month." I'm all about the experience and as far as I am concerned this first box has delivered.

Price: $26/month, cancel anytime or $78/3 months, Quarterly

The package arrived in an ugly old express mail bag. But, upon opening, the sensory experience begins. The box is wrapped in a lovely little bow that could easily be reused.  I take it off slowly and gently fold it.

Once the lid is opened, the package is prettily wrapped in tissue paper to match the theme of the box, which is Autumn, and the special piece of paper tucked around it called Yuzen, made by Japanese artisans. It is beautiful, and I neatly wrapped this and the tissue paper too!

You can tell immediately this box is a labor of love for this couple. You can feel it coming out of the box.

So, onto the contents. The outside of the note is a message about the box, and the inside lists the products, a description about each and why they chose that product.

Red Flower Yuzu Mimosa Sea Algae Wash:
This body wash is supposed to tighten pores, enhance elasticity and give skin a silky feel. It is the size of a hotel amenity wash. I like the smell, a citrusy orange smell that starts out strong but mellows. Definitely an aromatherapy energizer! It foamed up nice, rinsed off clean and didn't feel dry or squeaky, like soap. The scent as far as I can tell didn't stay with me all morning. I liked this product.

Red Flower Plum Blossom Silk Cream:
The lotion came in a tube the same size as the wash. It is very soft, floral and light. Reminds me of the smell of the blossoming crabapple tree we have that scents our entire yard every spring. Soft, didn't feel greasy to me. Absolutely lovely

HollyBeth Organics Rose Geranium Face Moisturizer:
For nourishing, hydrating and balancing skin. I am of the middle aged persuasion, so am in need of just a little extra help on my face, a little extra moisturizer would hopefully help with some of the wrinkles. The scent is a little overpowering for me, too much citrus something or other.

Eco-Armour Bergamot and Grapefruit Shaving Foam:
Meant for sensitive skin, the formula is supposed to help eliminate nicks, razor burn, bumps and hairs. All natural and botanical. I like the smell: clean, light, a little like fresh soap with a soft citrus scent. It didn't go on like a thick foam, though, which is what I was expecting. It was more like those foaming hand soaps. I was probably using it wrong, as I was in the shower and didn't shave dry.

Jamu Certified Organic Massage, Body & Hair Oils:
Made with blends of sunflower, coconut, jojoba and exotic essential oils. The scent I received is Coconilla. It smells like a vacation in a bottle, travel sized bottle anyway. It's scent for me was a cross of suntan lotion and pina colada. I love it. I want to go on a cruise right now. I want to lay on a beach in the Caribbean right now. Who needs Calgon when you can get massaged with this. The only thing I don't know is if these oils would stain the linens. I posted the question on their facebook page and their response came same day. "JAMU & Organic Spa Rituals wrote: "Hello Yuzen Friend! JAMU Organic Massage, Body & Hair Oils, like all massage oils, may leave residue on sheets ~ therefore, special care is suggested to soak sheets after massage use, then launder ( with some fresh lemon, Bali style, with the laundry cycle). Also, suggest to air dry, so oils do not set into linens ~ InJOY Coconilla, and consider JAMU Ginger Spice for winter wellness ~ Namaste ~."  I was lucky enough to talk my husband into giving me a back massage. I asked him what he thought about the massage oil...he said "Who cares about the oil, I got to rub my wife!" So, there you go.

Nova Monda Cacao Indio:
 This is a little jar of happiness. You can eat the ganache right out of the jar by the spoonful or you can melt it for topping. The sheet says you can even make hot chocolate with it...mmm mmm. I can't review this right now because that's what I am saving it for...a nice, hot cup of homemade cocoa on Christmas Eve.

Matt's Munchies Premium Fruit Snacks:
This package contains a 1oz serving of a fruit snack. The flavor I received is Mango, made from organic mango puree.  That's it. No other ingredients. I opened the package and thought I would see a bar type of thing, but it was more like a fruit roll-up. Except it was divided into bite size squares. I loved that! You didn't have to try and tear apart one large sheet, you just peel off a square and pop it into your mouth. At first the flavor put me off....don't eat this and then sip your coffee...nasty!  But on it's own, it was really tasty, very strong fruit flavor and I didn't notice any bad aftertaste. My 3 year old asked for more.  Pretty yummy!!

My verdict: All in all, this is a lovely little box, filled with things that were pampering, exotic and indulgent. I loved it and cannot wait for the next one. November can't come soon enough!

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