Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Deleting the naughty...with Cravebox Knorr "Ultimate Thanksgiving" November

Happy Thanksgiving!  I was the lucky recipient of the Knorr sponsored "Ultimate Thanksgiving" Cravebox. This company is currently going through some changes with how they are doing the boxes, and I am not sure if they are doing subscriptions anymore. I joined and was waitlisted, but then there were special edition boxes that you could sign up to win but still pay for, which I did.  If you are selected, they automatically charge your payment method whatever the rate is for that box, this one was $14. On to the products:

Knorr Homestyle Stock:
The product I received for this was the chicken flavored stock, and it was one of the little cups. I have used this product before and actually have some in my cupboard, and it does taste good. I add it to soups if I don't have a homemade broth in mind.  I have to be honest, though...For this being a box sponsored by Knorr, that is all you got from their label...one little tub of the broth, not even a whole package, which makes no sense to me because you wouldn't have enough to make a whole pot of soup with only one. 

Pillsbury Grands Biscuits:
There was a coupon for one free can of grands biscuits. Most people are familiar with these, so I won't go into detail. I personally like the buttery, flaky ones. You can peel apart the biscuit layer by layer, smothering it with butter. I like 'em!

DelMonte Whole Green Beans:
Canned green beans are canned green beans. I am one of those green bean casserole junkies, the cheesier and onion-ier (is that a word?) the better.

McCormick Turkey Gravy Mix:
I have never used a gravy mix. I am weird. I actually love the process of making gravy and I think I'm good at it. A person should be able to eat gravy as it's own side dish, or like soup. A woman I know has a great hot turkey sandwich recipe...after you take the turkey off the bone and its all pulled, add an packet of turkey gravy mix and a can of chicken broth, stir and voila, a thick juicy turkey sandwich that is already in gravy. So good. We eat it at church potlucks.

Duncan Hines Frosting and Flavor Mix-In:
I have seen these on the shelf at the store for a little while now. I am not opposed to using canned frosting, I use the chocolate kind. But I don't use a lot of artificially colored products. I think these would be fine if you used them, but the packet of strawberry shortcake flavor does contain Red #40 and Blue #2.  I avoid Red #40 as much as possible because I personally think it's just plain bad for you. I wish companies would stop using food coloring all together or use natural coloring. My kids don't care what color something is, they just want it to taste good...at least my kids anyway.

Brookside Dark Chocolate Covered Pomegranate:
I think these are the star of the box. I absolutely LOVE these. They remind me of one of the chocolates in Brach's Bridge Mix, the one that the inside is a jelly? Do you know which one I mean? I am kind of leaning toward not sharing these or putting them in the snack bowl for Thanksgiving.  Is that wrong?

Verdict: The box is ok. I think Knorr could have sold themselves better, from a marketing standpoint. But those little chocolate bits...5 stars! I was notified that I won a Holiday Spruce Up Cravebox, coming shortly so I am stoked about that...not about cleaning my house.

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