Thursday, November 29, 2012

Deleting the naughty...with Goodies Co. November

My first Goodies Co. box by Walmart Labs arrived. This is a box that I signed up for while it was in Beta mode. The wait was long, I think I signed up in late September so it took a while to go through the process. I saw a news release that says Goodies Co. has now gone live and is taking subscribers. To sign up, I took a little quiz to find out what kind of a food person I was. I am an Explorer, and got a special badge on my profile.

My first impression?  It's a big box, about the same size as Cravebox. My second impression? I was shorted the delicious looking candy bar...Waah! I didn't get one!! There's a picture of it on the website! But then, I realized...I was an Explorer, so I suppose my box is different than the one shown because of my profile. I wasn't shorted a product, I was given a different one. And other products were different flavors. So in some respects I was disappointed, but in others, I realized that I have a bit more of an adventurous side and like to try something new. So, I am not sure what to think because I am truly bummed about a couple of things, and will mention why in the product review. My third impression? For being one of the first subscribers I received a really sturdy, simple farmer's market bag with the Goodies Co. logo on it. I use these bags constantly, so I appreciated the nice touch.

This month's box was focused on entertaining made simple, with products that are easy.

Oogie's Gourmet Popcorn:
Yay! I got the white cheddar flavor! This product also comes in others, like chili con queso and movie theater butter. All natural with no cholesterol, trans-fat or gluten, is Non GMO corn and whole grain. There is nothing not to love about this snack! My husband is a popcorn whisperer. He can make a batch of fresh popcorn popped on the stove in hot sauce, then add the perfect amount of salt to make it addictive, and no butter added, so no popcorn will ever be as good as that. But for a pre-package, pre-popped treat, this is a great substitute.

The Lazy Baker All Natural Cookie Mix:
I received the Brown Sugar Pecan Shortbread flavor. I think this sounds delicious! At first I was really jealous about not getting the candy bar everyone else seemed to get, but I am over it. The story behind this product is that as a little girl, the creator loved to bake with her grandma, but didn't like to do all the prep involved, so her grandma would get all the ingredients ready and she would say "Where's my Lazy Baker?" The little girl, Gina, comes running and just dumps all the ingredients in. These cookies will be perfect to make with Peanut...she loves to be in the kitchen with me but sometimes it is a real challenge because she's a very independent "I can do it myself" kind of girl. I can't wait to make these with her! All you have to add is softened butter. That's it. Put them in a muffin tin and you are done!

Flourless Bliss Pumpkin Souffle Mix:
All natural and gluten-free, this easy kit has everything you need to make a souffle, except an egg, half and half and butter. This wouldn't be a challenge for me since I usually have those three things on hand almost always, but just to be clear, it does not have everything you need. Other people got a chocolate souffle kit, which I would have preferred...but I need to keep in mind I am an Explorer, right?

Lotus Bakeries Smooth Biscoff Spread:
You know those little cookies you get on a flight instead of pretzels or peanuts? This is those...all ground up into a spread that tastes a little like caramel. It's not good for you at all, made of flour, sugar, oil, more sugar, oil and more sugar. But, for a decadent little treat, the suggestion of fruit slices, like apples, is slightly redeeming and a hit with the kiddos.

Bobbysue's Nuts:
I got the original flavor, a sweet and cinnamon taste with a nut mix of almonds, cashews and pecans. I really liked them, especially cashews. Not too full of sugar, but has enough and you can taste the cinnamon without it being overpowering. And what's even better, Bobbysue's has a mission, where a portion of every dollar goes toward building a shelter for homeless animals.

Bigelow Tea:
I received Eggnogg'n, a black and green tea blend made to taste like creamy eggnog. Ingredients besides the black and green tea include natural eggnog flavor and cinnamon. It's not bad. I added some half and half and was a nice afternoon treat on the wintry day!

American Vintage Wine Biscuits:
These are round melba-toast like little biscuits made with real wine. My package was white wine, shallot and cayenne flavor. They didn't come with a spread or a cheese, so not sure what to eat these with. I am going to try some Laughing Cow and see how that tastes. I will update.

Verdict: Not a bad box for the buck. I enjoyed almost all the products and so did my kids. Looking forward to the next one!

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