Sunday, March 10, 2013

Deleting the naughty...with Beauty Box 5 February

Beauty Box 5 has recently announced they are making a change. With their One Year Anniversary, they have vowed to have larger products, as in more deluxe sizes.  If this month is an indication of their commitment to customer satisfaction, they are off to a great start!

*I have dropped the ball this month, and so my reviews are a little off the the haste of keeping organized I have thrown lots of boxes and description cards, so I will do my best. I also lost my SD card, so a couple other boxes will have no reviews :).

BB5 Compact Brush:
Cute little compact mirror/brush combo in aqua blue with their logo. Peanut instantly loved it. I am going to thrown this in my purse and keep it handy for her hair in a pinch, especially at dance class.  I can't use it because of my curly hair, but it is a keeper.

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub:
Deluxe sample size in Tropical Mango.Certified organic. Smells amazing and I am pumped to use this come spring to pump me up for summer...get me exfoliated and ready for swimsuit season! Downside? I hate when stuff smells so good I would rather eat or drink it. 

Cool Way Boost, Low Heat Revolution:
The website for this product talks about a new system for styling hair that doesn't involve high temperatures from flat/curling irons and blow drying. It is a three step system involving the Transform Spray, the AutoSense Flat Iron and the Boost Repair Mask. the sample I received is for the mask. Site description is this: "Brings flat, lifeless hair, back to life, by eliminating environmental and friction damage. Our scientists found a way to strengthen, condition and smooth your hair by adding a weekly application of Boost Repair Mask™ to your hair. You will not recognize your hair after 30 days of using Boost.
- Stops frizz by locking moisture in your hair.
- Smoothes, Conditions and clinically proven to strengthen hair.
- Color safe, non toxic and good for all hair types."
I am interested in the mask, but am guessing without using the whole system you won't have the great results. I will give it a try.

H20 Bath Aquatics Shampoo:
This is a hotel sized sample of a daily shampoo that is gentle. Ingredients include watercress, moss and seaweed. Love the smell!

Brush Guards:
I forgot to talk about's the deal...I don't know what they are and I probably won't use them :)

Short and sweet, sorry!!  I will get back into gear soon!

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