Saturday, March 23, 2013

Deleting the naughty...with So What Saturday

Here are this week's excuses:
- I have had a nagging headache at the base of my skull for 3 days. I was, and am, stressed so I took a hot bath. Unfortunately, I don't have an amazing larger than life soaking tub so my neck was turned funny. I want a huge tub.

-I am having an open house on Sunday. This place needs to sell. Ugh.  I have nothing but cleaning and vacuuming to do today and I'm not happy about it. Just keep plugging away I guess.

-Easter is coming! Have I had a conversation with the Easter bunny yet? No.  And I need to. It seems that my children remember last year vividly. The cousins were in town. They were staying at our house. The Easter bunny gave them big huge baskets with lots of stuff.  They got an ice cream bucket with a few treats and a couple toys.  They don't understand why the Easter bunny gave them less than their cousins. How do I explain that?  Tell me, readers...what do I do?  Go overboard this year and say that Easter bunny ran out of money last year?  Sister of mine...I know you read this. You will not stay at my house ever again if I have to compete with gi-nor-mous easter baskets, lol. If you do, we need to do better planning and top notch communicating...or I will one-up your easter baskets right in front of you, hahahahaha!  "Oh look kiddies, see what the Easter bunny brought Monkey and Peanut?"

-Have I mentioned I am sick of winter?  I want this snow to be gone. The bad news? We are yet again under a major flood watch/warning/whatever you want to call it. The good news? Our home is out of the flood plain and we have a brand new sump pump with a battery back-up. Now tell me this...who wouldn't want to buy this house knowing they will not have to deal with the flood and/or flood insurance???

-I also need winter to be done because I want my children to go outside and play. Don't get me wrong, I love them, but I am tired of being house-ridden with them. I need some damn fresh air. I am lucky in the sense that both the kids LOVE to play in the snow. My son adores winter. But, I think I need them to go out a little longer each day. :)

-I hate Virgin Mobile today. A lot. Their finance department can bite me for not returning phone calls and leaving me without telephone contact with my husband over what we can't quite figure out is fraud. Really? Been a customer for what, 6-7 years? And all of a sudden they think that because my husband ran out of minutes we are committing fraud? GRRRRR. I am so angry about this. Virgin Mobile, I am ready to fire you.

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