Thursday, March 14, 2013

Deleting the naughty...with PopSugar Must Have March

The March PopSugar Must Have box arrived in record time. I actually stayed spoiler free this month, and I am glad I did. I ended up being more excited about it and didn't have any biased opinions on the contents.  This worked for me, but I don't know if I can do it again next month!

The Laundress Specialty Washes:
The full size item I received was "Delicate Wash". This blend is for silk, synthetics, lycra spandex, bras, hosiery and lingerie, etc.  This was a good one for me because the other options would be useless: Wool and Cashmere (not a whole lot of that) and Denim Wash (frankly I don't care how my jeans are washed - I don't by the $100 ones). The bottle is 16 oz. with a 3x concentration so a capful should go a long way. Non-toxic, biodegradable and allergen free. The fragrance is Lady and is very light and floral. I need to take better care of my unmentionables so this will be a friendly reminder sitting on my dryer :)

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Sweater Saver Brick:
I have never heard of this. I usually use a battery operated pill shaver. To use you just lightly rub on the clothing and it removes pills, fuzz and knots. Not recommended on fine knit or silk.  I have read other comments that it leaves little black chunks everywhere, so we shall see if this is useful.

Hollywood Secrets Fashion Tape:
I am slowly gaining a complete repetoire of useful fashion items, and I like to have them around even though I don't go anywhere fancy anymore.  But, just in case... now I have fashion tape to keep my shirt closed! Whew...I have always had a problem with that..NOT. I am going to throw these in the drawer with my new backless, self-adhesive bra, the strapless bra, the spanx, the piller and my foot petals. I am prepared for the Oscars.

Heather Belle Signature Tassel Necklace:
According to the card, tassel necklaces are the hottest trend of the season.  I have had a couple of these for over a year now, so I must be a trendsetter, hahaha! I have hardly any gold toned jewelry in my armoir so I am excited to have this piece, as I wouldn't have picked it out for myself. I already know what I can wear it with...Summer, get here, please.

Corkatoo Corkscrew:
This is my second corkscrew this month...I am starting to feel some peer pressure, and that I should be drinking more. I got the red Parrot one and it is super cute. I love it, and all things beachy and vacation-y. It doubles as a bottle opener on the beak.  How can you not enjoy cracking open a cold one while thinking "Polly wants a beer".

The New Black Nail Polish:
The duo I received is Pardon My French, in a sort of periwinkle blue and a pastel leafy green. I was just thinking about going through my polish drawer and throwing out the stuff that is almost 8 years old anyway, so it will be nice to refresh with the smaller bottles. Plus it is almost flip flop season... UPDATE: I believe the combo I got is the Pardon My French set in "Havoc"

Buxom Sculpted Lash Mascara:
The card says a girl can never have too many kinds of mascara, but I think I am mascara-ed out. This stuff only has a short shelf life and I wear it once a week maybe.  I need to get out more...really. But since I am over the hill, I noticed my eyelashes have thinned out and are not as long as they used to be, so maybe this a silent message that I need to do somethign about that. The S-shaped brush is supposed to acheive thick lashes and shape curl, to get the both the inner and outer lashes.  I will give it a try. I have also been looking for a reason (other than my husband saying we are moving get rid of shit) to throw out old mascaras too.

Enough said.  I've been to the Peep Store.  Happy Easter.

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