Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Deleting the naughty...with a P!nk Fancy Box

I subscribed to a box curated by P!nk from The Fancy. I used a discount code for $25 off 1 box. This is an expensive subscription, normally $39 plus S&H.

The box arrived with P!nk Fancy printed on the outside, so I thought, this should be cool. Upon opening, basically all the products were just thrown into an oversized box and a single piece of tissue paper was thrown on top. I am guessing since there was nothing real breakable in it, there was no need to pack it carefully, but still.  It was a hot mess.

On to the products:
There were notecards that were printed with the item description and a photo of it. Nothing from Pink explaining why she chose the product or anything. I have a real hard time buying the idea she had anything to do with this box, actually.

Casino Bottle Opener from Kikkerland:
The one I received was an ace of spades, in stainless steel. It's pretty heavyweight, we will get minimal use out of it. We've been known to partake of a beer now and again, but it isn't anything we would ever pick out as something we "fancy".

Body Art Paint Sticks 6 Pack:
These are like crayons, and have a clickable push up for more of the paint - made of paraffin, glycerin, petrolatum (bad) and some other chemicals. My 4 year old asked me to put a cat nose and whiskers on her face, so she liked them, and my son wants me to put a car on his...I could throw these away, but they made for a cute picture :)

American Apparel T-Shirt:
Navy blue printed with white "Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from the negative shit." So obviously I will never be able to wear this out in public, nor around my 6 year old who can read. So it will make for a pajama or a gardening shirt I guess.

Atlas of Remote Islands Book:
This is actually pretty cool and by far the favorite item in the box. Most of my friends know I am a wannabe island hopper beach bum, so this fits my personality, along with the planned decor of the house we are building, cape cod style. I am going to use this as my end table coffee book in my bedroom, right next to my copy of "1491: New Revelations of the America's Before Columbus" and a beautiful leather bound sketch book my brother-in-law brought back for me from Ireland for Christmas one year. I love books like this and I will enjoy it.

In addition, there was a coupon for $20 off CanvasPop that I probably won't use, but you never know. 

I am glad I had $25 off.  After opening the box and going through the contents, I canceled. Immediately. This was by far the worst box I have ever received, and I do not plan on getting another one from Fancy. You would think with P!nk there would have been some really fun things in the a spokeswoman for Cover Girl, we could have gotten some cosmetics, her own music free downloads would have cool, or even a funky piece of jewelry or clothing.  This was lame and not what I would have expected.  Bummer. But...I do love the book.


  1. I think it's incredibly disappointing for Pink fans to get this box. There was no rhyme of reason - except for the body art sticks, makes sense because she lives for her daughter and often brings her on tour. Maybe it's something they do together. Eh, I don't know. Either way I'm glad I just got the regular Fancy box this month! The Atlas is cool for home decor though.

    1. Lucky...yeah this was a big disappointment. I know that it is always a risk, so I am not going to start writing letters to the company, but sure am glad I had the coupon! I do really like that island book though, but maybe that's because I can't wait to decorate the house!

    2. I just can't believe they dropped the ball so badly! I can't imagine Pink is super proud of this. Frustrating for her big fans!

  2. Write to the company. I complained, big time, and they emailed me a $25 gift certificate. That's better than nothing - I'm dumping my whole Pink box at Goodwill.