Thursday, January 10, 2013

Deleting the naughty...with Love With Food January

January's Love With Food was the first box of the month to arrive.

I signed up for this one with a year subscription, which is working nicely for me. This box didn't have a packing slip or list this time. It was printed on both sides with the same art. of the products is blank, and another has no information on what it's contents are. I will do my best to figure out what these products are!

David Rio San Francisco Tiger Spice Chai:
All you need to do is add water or milk for "a rich and creamy mixture of black tea and exotic spices." I am looking forward to trying it this weekend. I love chai, and we are supposed to get a big snow storm. This will go perfect with breakfast Friday morning or mid-morning snack on Saturday...I will update you.

GoGo Squeeze Applesauce on the Go:
Containing nothing but fruit, I got Apple Strawberry. This will be good, I know the kids will LOVE it. My only complaint? I wish we had gotten two because the kids are going to fight over who got more.

Turbana Plantain Chips:
A single serving sized bag of sliced plantain chips in Lightly Salted. A good source of fiber, the chips pack 8% of your daily allowance, no cholesterol and 5g of fat. They weren't bad, although, because they are a little sweet, I would have preferred them in a Lightly Sweetened flavor like honey or cinnamon. But, they will not go wasted, the kids liked them and I enjoyed a handful. I don't know that I would buy them in this flavor in the future.

Kyotofu Modern Japanese Desserts:
These were little flower shaped cookies in three different flavors, none of which I actually know because they weren't labeled other than the title above. I went to the website but it wouldn't load. So, there you go. Am I still game to try? You bet. The first one was green, crisp and sweet, and from what I could tell was either almond or pistachio flavored. The second was grayish, and it's almost like coffee, but maybe some other spice and pepper, sesame? The third is orange, yellow and I have no idea what the flavor is. In fact, they could all have been the same flavor and just colored differently, haha...who knows.  But, they were good and I liked them!

Biscotti di Suzy Almond Anise Biscotti:
This is the no label, no description item, but I found info for it on Love With Food's shopping page. I took a bite and it is good...but it is going to be better with the chai later. :)  It is pretty standard in taste. Good though, and not stale or "pre-packaged" tasting.

Chuao Chocolatier, Firecracker Chocopod:
Kudos to the inventor. What a weird candy, I loved it! I think a tray of these for a Fourth of July or New Year's party would be perfect. These little pods were a mixture of dark chocolate, chipotle and popping candy (poprocks!) and when you bite into them your mouth sizzles from the pops and the pepper, leaving a little burn in your mouth. Definitely worth trying.

NewTree Speculoos:
This is a tiny piece of chocolate in dark chocolate with Belgian biscuits and flax seeds. Tiny as it is, it packs a flavor punch. The dark chocolate is richly dark and the Belgian biscuit adds a bit of crunch. Loved it.

New Tree Cannelle:
This piece was milk chocolate with cinnamon and lime blossom extract. I do not know how to describe the flavors that mingle is such a different experience, one to be savored, truly. It was really good, and would be perfect with a rich, dark coffee. These chocolates intrigue me, so I searched and found their website Newtree, and found lots of sexy flavors to broaden my chocolate horizons.

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