Saturday, January 26, 2013

Deleting the naughty...with SeasonsBox January

Hello to my new subscription, Seasonsbox. I missed out on the inaugural box in December but I am glad I missed it. January's was so much better!! This box is a little more spendy, and comes out of Canada, but all the products thus far, except an extra bonus item, were full size.

You open the box and the wonderful aroma just poured out of it, and you could tell it was going to be fun. The theme was Soft & Cozy, featuring environmentally conscious products from Thailand and the U.S.

Kitira Boutique Hand-Woven Scarf:
This is my favorite item in the box, and I sure hope that this breakdown of items continues, with an apparel item in each month or something like it. The scarf is big enough you could wear it as a wrap too. They are 100% cotton and hand dyed with natural products. The one I received was a natural color with some brown in it. Very pretty.

Vance Kitira Hand Poured Cathedral Candle:
From Taiwan, the candles are made from the best quality of paraffin on the market, and is food grade. The scent I received was caramel pear, and was 5 inches or so tall, and a brownish/gold color.

Whispering Willow Whipped Shea Butter:
Made from organic shea butter, coconut oil and peppermint essential oil, this cream melts when it comes in contact with the heat of your skin. I received Peppermint. I am going to use it on my feet with some of those spa socks you can get.

Unearth Malee Thai Herbal Steam Bath Tea:
Certified organic herbs mixed together to relieve stress, relax muscles, open sinuses and detoxify. Lemongrass for inflammation, circulation and muscle tension; eucalyptus for respiratory issues; mint as a decongestant and headache reliever; galangal root for warming; ginger to detoxify and stimulate; kaffir lime leaves as an astringent for the skin and tone; dead sea salt for skin and detox. Looking forward to trying this. It smells so good, and next time I have a bad cold, this will be my bedtime relief.

Perfumessence Organic Shower & Bath Bomb in "Breathe":
For an irritated throat or winter congestion, the bath bomb is made with eucalyptus mint, lavender and rosemary.  I wonder if I need to find an excuse to get a cold!

My first Seasonsbox was a real treat, and I loved most everything in it. I liked the candle, but the only thing I didn't like was the caramel pear scent, I like more spice, floral or natural scents and not so much food or fruit, but it is a pretty candle. I hope they keep up this kind of product breakdown, like I stated above.

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