Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Deleting the naughty...with PopSugar Must Have January

PopSugar Must Have seems to have been getting a lot of bad press lately...I have read so many complaints and rants on how disappointed people were with the luxury box, December's box and now this month's. I did not order the Luxury one, $100 for that was not a priority. But, I really liked December's, the mugs are still awesome and I really liked the products in it. With that being said, I was still worried about January because of the obvious focus things tend to take on fitness and health amid resolutions. Lots of boards were ready to pounce before there were any spoilers.

 My take? I really liked the January box. See below!

Merithew Stability Ball:
I love this! I have been going back and forth for a year about buying one of these since I quit the gym (because of my working at home/stay at home mom schedule...not because I'm a quitter). I recently bought one 12 lb dumbbell, planning to buy a second and I am set for a little mini home gym now! I wish the ball was silver or black, but that's ok, at least now I have one. It also came with the pump. PopSugar included a card that showed a few exercises I can do to get started.

The Remix Timebomb Watch:
I am not normally a watch wearer, but the fact that I received the black one meshes well with my workout gear :) I have been just using my phone, and it's probably not the best tool to have on a 5k. It's not uber-fancy, but it will do the trick with the second hand going around. I am glad I got black! The lights are cool, the kids will mess with it I am sure. It has a ginormous face...I will look like those little 3rd graders with the big watches from the 80's, but I don't care! Also, the watch is not water-resistant, but is splash proof, meaning it can get a little wet, just not submerged.

Epicuren Discovery Lip Balm:
This balm is a pleasant little surprise. Loved the tea tree in it, gave my lips a tingly, refreshing feel. The smell is a little medicinal because of the tea tree, but I really don't mind it, it felt great on my lips and took away the burn of chapping. With an SPF of 15, it is definitely my new go-to balm for the cold Minnesota winter. My 4 year old, Peanut, even likes it.

Popbar Hot Chocolate on a Stick:
I hope this bar is all it promises to be...what better way to spend my afternoon writing than with a cup of hot cocoa...and made with milk, too. Two bars came in the box, one milk chocolate, the other dark chocolate. You just fill a cup with 8 oz. of hot milk, put the hot chocolate on a stick in the cup and stir for a couple minutes until you get the chocolate-i-ness of your desire. Step 4? Enjoy.

Jet-Puffed Vanilla Mallow Bits:
Miniature marshmallows. I would say you can't go wrong, but I don't eat them unless they are in a Krispy Bar. But...I have two little critters who love them, and will be enjoying them in their own cups of hot cocoa. Mind you, not my cocoa on a stick. Sorry - not sharing! They will have cocoa, too, and loaded with the mallow bits. Ok, wait...I just tried them, and I might have to have an occasional handful.  They are actually tasty, sweet and a little bit crunchy. I give in.

Think Thin Bars:
PopSugar labeled these as special extras in the box. I received three bars: ThinkThin Crunch, caramel chocolate dipped mixed nuts bar; ThinkThin High Protein Bar, creamy peanut butter; and ThinkThin Divine, a dark chocolate coconut bar. I can't try one right now because I am eating the mallow bits, but I am sure they are good. They look better than some of those natural raw bars, which I think are disgusting.

Also in the box: a voucher for Casetagram for instagram and facebook photos which I won't use and a coupon for $1.00 off two ThinkThin bars.

Final thoughts: A lot - and I mean a lot - of people have been complaining about the ball being in the box, also complaining about the watch. You know, you can't please everyone and it is their business on how they run their business and what they see trending, so it's a chance you take.  If you hate it..unsubscribe.

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