Saturday, January 12, 2013

Deleting the naughty...with some love from Germany

I have this fabulous cousin who is spending time (or years) in Germany. For Christmas we received a box full of German candy bars, chocolates and such.  In order for me to do a well thought out, prepared review, I need to brew a K-Cup of coffee, and chose Wide Awake Company's Colombian (I will be reviewing these a little later). Let's go on a taste adventure!


These are like KitKat's, crispy waffle strips covered in chocolate, and mixed with what I gather are a picture of hazelnuts. Those Germans like their hazelnuts.

The first bar is Trauben-Nuss (which I believe is hazelnut raisin) and taste's like those Chunky bars only better. The second bar in my selection was Luflee, which is a milk chocolate bar with air bubbles in it, very similar to Hershey's Air Delights.

Ferrero Giotto:
We got two flavors of these. The dark brown is Cacao (dark chocolate), the light tan is Haselnuss (hazelnut). This candy reminds me of ferrero roche in that it is a crisp wafer ball covered with chocolate and crumbs with a flavored cream filling. Yum!

I did get to sample one of these at my parents, but no picture. They are chocolate covered crispy waffles with vanilla filling.

Crunchy waffles with chocolate filling and hazelnut pieces. I have no real way of describing these other than they remind me of the chocolate wafer cookies, you know, the ones that came in yellow, pink and brown, and my Grandma always had them in her kitchen.

Kinder Country:
Picture Honey Smacks without the honey (just puffed oats) with a cream filling covered in chocolate. 'Nuff said.

Ferrero Rafaellos:
More little wafer balls covered with white chocolate and coconut flakes filled with coconut and a whole hazelnut in the middle. Divine. I normally don't eat a ton of coconut candies, but these were good. Not in your face coconut, just the right amount.

The only thing I didn't get to try that my sister got was Schogetten, in Tiramisu flavor, which would have been tasty I am sure.

So, thank you Melissa, I know you read this. The treats were amazing. I hope my review does them justice. I am looking forward to my next "subscription box". Maybe a "German Jerky Box" or German Salty Treats". I am game, just not game for game. Throwing some ideas out there for you. Just let me know where I need to send the check. :)

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