Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Deleting the naughty...with Quarterly Co. #BVH01

One of the subscription boxes I have eagerly anticipated (since early October if you can believe it) was the Quarterly Co. one, curated by contributor Joel Johnson. I think the main purpose of this box is to create an experience, with their contributors being some of the most interesting, intellectual people who are active in the creative community right now.

It finally arrived and I couldn't be more intrigued and giddy.

In a quote from the description of the box, direct from Quarterly Co's website:
"What can I expect to receive from Joel?Do you like old cashews and spark plugs? Because if I trusted my own judgment, that’s what I’d give you four times a year. Fortunately for you, my Quarterly is guided by the (figurative) spirit of my grandma, Vivian, who didn’t quite raise me but certainly refined me. I’ll be exploring the life she lived and the lessons she learned, passing on things that remind me of her. I hope my mailings will make you feel as comforted and inspired as she made me.

If you enjoy good smells, quiet mornings (about to erupt with the screams of ornery children), and a worldly sense of style filtered through post-Depression hillbilly pragmatism, this box is for you."

Inside was a beautifully written letter, which, by request of Joel, I will not write about, talking about being a contributor and the contents. I have to write this review differently, it is just not like a product review. This truly is an experience, something that invoked childhood memories for people, including myself.

Upon opening, I felt like the box was made just for me, like a personal gift from someone who knew what I would find interesting and useful. The first item I took out was The Original Butter Bell Crock. I kid you not...I was just complaining yesterday that I was sick of not having something for my butter. It was rock hard for my sandwich yesterday, and I hate pulling it out to soften in ugly plastic. I was thrilled to see this, it will solve my problems, look cute, and match all my dishes. I love butter, I believe in butter.

The second item was a Jiffy Mix Recipes Booklet. Coupled with it was a third item, a box of Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix. The purpose of these two products was to help go a little deeper into the experience of Joel's grandmother. It reminds him of her and his childhood.

The final item was my second favorite, a Lodge Mini Cast Iron Skillet. I love it. It is the cutest, most heavy, most fun little pan I've ever seen. It is the perfect size to make an individual size corn muffin in the oven.  I am so excited to season this little guy and do a little baking with it. Again, all for the experience.

I am beside myself with anticipation for the next box, which unfortunately won't ship until March. Kudos, Joel Johnson, this was truly a warm, heartfelt package giving me a window into your world. Thank you.

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